Unlocking the Power of 5: How Therapy Transforms Your Mental Landscape

Therapy can help to untangle your thoughts

Therapy can help by transforming your life, little by little. In the complex landscape of our minds, thoughts often weave a tangled web, repeating and entwining themselves in a cycle known as rumination. This mental merry-go-round can leave us feeling trapped, searching for answers that seem elusive. Fortunately, therapy emerges as a powerful ally, capable […]

The #1 Reason Belonging Is So Important & How To Find It

Fitting In vs Belonging

In a world that often emphasizes the importance of fitting in, there’s a profound distinction between merely assimilating and truly belonging. The significance of purposeful gathering goes beyond the superficial notion of fitting in, tapping into the human need for authentic connections and a sense of belonging. In this blog post, we’ll explore the difference […]

Adult Child of a Dysfunctional Family? 5 Powerful Ways to Thrive

Adult child of a dysfunctional family

Growing up in a dysfunctional family can have a profound impact on your life as an adult. The scars of your past can haunt you, affecting your relationships, self-esteem, and overall well-being. However, it’s important to remember that you have the power to rise above your upbringing and thrive. In this blog post, we’ll explore […]

The Hard Truth About Adulting: Navigating Life’s Complex Choices

Adulting can be hard

Adulting is hard! Remember those carefree days of childhood, when our biggest concerns were whether we’d finish our homework in time to catch our favorite TV show or what flavor of ice cream to choose at the park? It’s a nostalgic thought, one that often makes us smile as we reflect on the innocence and […]

The Transformative Benefits of Attending a Co-Parenting Support Group

co-parenting support

Co-parenting can be both rewarding and challenging, especially when navigating the complexities of separation, divorce, or a non-traditional family structure. In such situations, attending a co-parenting support group can provide invaluable guidance, understanding, and support. These groups offer a safe space for parents to share experiences, gain insights, and develop effective co-parenting strategies. In this […]

The Power of Social Connection on Your Physical and Mental Health

Social Connection to live a healthier life.

Did you know that social connection is crucial for our physical and mental health? Research has shown that individuals with strong social connections have a lower risk of developing chronic diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes, and are more likely to recover from illnesses more quickly. In addition, social connection can also promote healthy […]

4 Ways to Ease Anxiety By Using Your Body’s Superpower

Easing Your Anxiety

If you get a stomach ache, headache, or your heart races when you’re upset, stressed, or you experience anxiety, there is a cure! You can harness the power of your own body to feel better.  The longest nerve in your body is called the vagus nerve. Vagus means “wanderer” in Latin, which is fitting because […]

3 Incredible Ways EMDR Helps You Feel Less Triggered

EMDR Can Help You Feel Less Triggered

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed out when faced with certain situations? Do memories of past traumas still haunt you and cause you to feel fear and pain? If so, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy could be the right approach for you. EMDR is a type of psychotherapy that helps […]

Top 10 Self-Care Tips

top 10 self-care tips

If you are feeling drained but not sure what to do with yourself, then read on for our top 10 self-care tips. When we continue to put these tips into our everyday lives then our mental health will continue to improve and self-care for our minds will become routine. We hear the term “self-care” used […]

4 Ways to Stop Social Media Stress

4 ways to stop social media stress

If you are constantly stressing out about what you read online, then we have 4 ways to stop social media stress that might help you. Now more than ever, we must be aware of the information and messages we allow to enter and fill our minds. There is information everywhere we turn. Whether you are […]

Men’s Therapy

Men's Therapy

Men’s therapy usually has an old-fashioned stigma surrounding it, men usually believe that they need to always have it together and just “be strong” when it comes to their mental health and won’t seek help from a therapist. Maybe you have always thought of yourself as a strong problem solver, but you find yourself feeling […]

Healing From Shame

Healing from shame

Healing from shame is something I never thought I could overcome, there was a time when I experienced such intense shame surrounding my personal life that it seemed impossible. To have a healthy mind we have to clear out these feelings of shame or guilt that we allow to burden us. Finding the time and […]

5 Questions to Cope with Suffering

Cope with suffering

I’ve learned that there are 5 Questions to Cope with Suffering that we should be asking ourselves to help bring back some clarity and peace to our mental health. No one is immune from pain. We have all had experiences when we were hurt. Maybe you experienced pain as a child when you felt rejected, […]

3 Ways to Shift Perspective

3 Ways to Shift Perspective

It’s all about perspective, (or so they say) we have 3 ways to shift perspective to optimism. The best way to describe perspective would be from the story about the tree that grew sideways. A tree was situated in the middle of a huge park when a man came along and noticed it. He immediately […]

Finding Joy Through Pain

Emotional regulation

A great book about finding joy through pain would be The Book of Joy, in which Douglas Abrams wrote about a week he spent interviewing the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. The book was packed full of wisdom so valuable that I would read a few pages, set it down, journal, process, and proceed. […]

Finding Resiliency Through Adversity

Finding Resiliency Through Adversity

Everyone experiences difficult times or a crisis at some point in their lives, but the best lesson is finding resiliency through adversity. When faced with difficult times, it can be hard to imagine that the experience will lead to you being stronger or wiser. However, you can grow from the challenges you face.  One of […]

Strategies for Stress

Cope with suffering

Feeling stressed? Not sure what to do about it? You’ve come to the right place we have some great strategies for stress.  Everyone experiences stress at times and stress isn’t always bad. If you are presented with a dangerous situation, stress sends signals to the body to get ready to face a threat by fighting, […]

Speak Positively to Yourself

Speak Positively to Yourself

You need to speak positively to yourself in order to have a positive mindset, we can help you establish a positive perspective. Who is the person you speak to more than anyone else in the world? It’s yourself! You spend all day every day with yourself. You may or may not speak the words you […]