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Mental Health Counseling & Therapy- Lakewood and Arvada, Colorado

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Ashley supports children and teens in Arvada. 

Rachel supports kids between the ages of 5-13 in Lakewood and Arvada.

Heidi supports children, teens, families & adults in Lakewood.

Mandi supports children & teens in Arvada.

Kasey supports adults and couples in Lakewood.

Jamie supports adults virtually.

Colleen supports adults in Arvada, Lakewood, & virtually.

Emily supports adults in Lakewood, Arvada, and virtually.

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Individual Therapy

One on one mental health services for adults. Services are individually tailored to meet your goals and wishes. Whether you are going through a new life change or are ready to focus on something bigger, you will find the support you need. 

Group Therapy

At Tribe, we offer a variety of groups for children, teens, and adults. When you participate in group counseling, you will have a powerful experience that can change your life. Group therapy is beneficial for many reasons. It creates a sense of belonging and you can make deep connections with other members of the group. 


Log into session from a confidential platform. Whether you are home or at work, you can get support without ever getting into your car.  Forget the drive time! Teletherapy is a great way to connect and get the support you need and want. 

Workshops & Retreats

Our Retreats and Workshops equip you with new skills to reduce your stress, connect with other people on a deep level, and take your wellness to a whole new level.  Join us to re-align with your values, increase your sense of well-being and create real and lasting change.

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Men's Therapy

Men can get as much value out of therapy as women and yet, therapy sounds like a strange concept for so many. Most of the men we work with have never been in therapy before, or they tried it once years ago, but are ready to make a change. If you want to have space to talk about anything that is weighing on you, you’re in the right place. 

The men who see us for therapy are often surprised at how much they enjoy getting to talk about things they otherwise don’t share.

Women's Therapy

Our therapists understand the pressures women face. We have a deep understand of the ways that toxic shame can result in experiencing a lack of meaning, but how it can also result in more severe manifestations such as depression and anxiety.

Individual therapy with us focuses on creating a safe place while giving women the resources and support they need along with the courage to be vulnerable. This is a recipe for growth and change.


Teen Therapy

We offer high-quality compassionate teen therapy. Our therapists are skilled in handling teen issues. They will help your teen learn how to overcome the challenges they are having in their life, all while making counseling a positive and healing experience. We want your teen to enjoy working with us. So, we will work hard at building a strong relationship with them so they will feel comfortable sharing their struggles. Your teen and you can both feel better about this challenging time in life.

Couples Therapy

In today’s fast-paced world, maintaining a healthy and fulfilling relationship can be a real challenge. Work pressures, financial stress, and the demands of everyday life can take a toll on even the strongest of partnerships. Couples therapy offers a unique opportunity for couples to navigate these challenges together and develop the skills needed to foster a deep and lasting connection.

We can help with communication, intimacy & connection, trust & infidelity, pre-marital counseling, and more.

Child Therapy

Child Therapy is for children ages 5 to 13 and play therapy is one of the modalities that we employ.  During these sessions, children process their thoughts and feelings and are more able to communicate their inner world through the language of play. Parents are sometimes encouraged to join.

Trauma Therapy, Polyvagal Theory & EMDR

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a psychotherapy that enables people to heal from the symptoms and emotional distress that are the result of disturbing life experiences.

Through EMDR therapy, we are able to help clients activate their natural healing processes so they feel empowered by the very experiences that once traumatized them.


Life isn’t always easy. Sometimes, even the strongest people need a little bit of help to work through the challenges that life presents. Everyone has battles to fight and hurdles to overcome at some point. Whether you struggle with anxiety, depression, self-esteem, or any other issue, you should know that there is hope for a better tomorrow. We are here to support you in finding the insight and tools to make your life better.

Anxiety Treatment & Stress Therapy

We will help you determine the root cause of your anxiety.  Our therapists can work with a wide variety of people, including children, adolescents, and adults who may be suffering from anxiety. Our therapists offer many different types of therapy that can combat anxiety, including mindfulness based therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy,  and progressive relaxation training. Through these methods, we can help you find coping skills that meet your individual needs.

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In a world that often feels chaotic and demanding, mental health counseling at Tribe Mind Body Wellness  is a powerful resource for adults, teens, and children seeking to navigate life’s challenges with confidence and emotional resilience. 

Breaking free from the shackles of shame and unworthiness, counseling offers a pathway to healing, improved relationships, and a brighter outlook on life. Through this transformative process, individuals can conquer anxiety, depression, and trauma to live a happier, more fulfilling existence.

Mental Health Counseling for Embracing Emotional Well-being

Our clients enter a safe space for individuals of all ages to explore their emotions, express their thoughts, and work through internal struggles. By acknowledging and confronting the feelings of shame and unworthiness, clients can begin to dissolve the negative self-perceptions that hold them back from leading fulfilling lives. With a compassionate and understanding counselor, individuals can develop a deeper sense of self-acceptance and self-love.

Mental Health Counseling for Healing from Trauma and Anxiety

For those battling the aftermath of traumatic experiences, mental health counseling offers an avenue for healing. Trained professionals can guide clients through a journey of understanding, processing, and overcoming trauma, allowing them to reclaim their lives and rebuild a stronger sense of self. Moreover, counseling equips individuals with effective coping strategies to address anxiety, granting them the ability to approach life’s challenges with newfound courage and resilience.

Mental Health Counseling for Conquering Depression and Restoring Joy

Depression, anxiety, and trauma can be an overwhelming burden that saps one’s happiness and robs them of joy. Mental health counseling acts as a guiding light for individuals suffering from depression, providing them with tools to navigate through the darkness. By addressing the underlying causes of depression, clients can begin to reclaim their lives, rediscovering a sense of purpose, hope, and happiness.

Mental Health Counseling for Nurturing Better Relationships

Healthy relationships are the cornerstone of a fulfilling life, yet they can be adversely impacted by unresolved emotional issues. Through mental health counseling, individuals can gain insights into their patterns of behavior, communication styles, and emotional triggers that affect their relationships. By fostering emotional intelligence and learning effective communication techniques, clients can cultivate healthier connections and build stronger bonds with their loved ones.

Mental Health Counseling for Empowering Teens and Children

The teenage and childhood years are critical stages of development, shaping the foundation of an individual’s future. Mental health counseling offers young minds a supportive environment to explore their emotions, address challenges, and build essential coping skills. By nurturing emotional well-being from an early age, teens and children can develop the confidence and resilience necessary to navigate the ups and downs of life successfully.

Mental Health Counseling for Unlocking a Better Life

Mental health counseling is a powerful catalyst for personal growth and transformation. As individuals shed the heavy burdens of emotional distress, they gain the freedom to pursue their passions, dreams, and goals. The journey towards self-discovery and healing empowers individuals to embrace their authentic selves, unleashing their true potential and opening doors to new opportunities.

Mental health counseling offers a lifeline to those who feel lost, overwhelmed, and burdened by emotional distress. It is a beacon of hope, illuminating the path towards healing, self-acceptance, and a happier life. Whether for adults, teens, or children, counseling is a powerful tool to conquer anxiety, depression, trauma, and the shadows of shame and unworthiness. By embracing the support and guidance of a qualified therapist or counselor, people can embark on a journey of self-discovery, forging stronger relationships, and living a life filled with happiness, purpose, and fulfillment. Remember, the key to a brighter future lies in taking the first step towards healing and embracing mental health counseling as a powerful ally on your journey to wellness.

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