The Hard Truth About Adulting: Navigating Life’s Complex Choices

Adulting can be hard

Adulting is hard! Remember those carefree days of childhood, when our biggest concerns were whether we’d finish our homework in time to catch our favorite TV show or what flavor of ice cream to choose at the park? It’s a nostalgic thought, one that often makes us smile as we reflect on the innocence and […]

The Power of Social Connection on Your Physical and Mental Health

Social Connection to live a healthier life.

Did you know that social connection is crucial for our physical and mental health? Research has shown that individuals with strong social connections have a lower risk of developing chronic diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes, and are more likely to recover from illnesses more quickly. In addition, social connection can also promote healthy […]

4 Ways to Ease Anxiety By Using Your Body’s Superpower

Easing Your Anxiety

If you get a stomach ache, headache, or your heart races when you’re upset, stressed, or you experience anxiety, there is a cure! You can harness the power of your own body to feel better.  The longest nerve in your body is called the vagus nerve. Vagus means “wanderer” in Latin, which is fitting because […]

Your Feelings Are Like a Smoke Alarm, Listen So You Don’t Get Burned

Feelings Are Like a Smoke Alarm

We all want to feel happy, but many people don’t want to feel the emotions that we would call “negative,” like sadness, frustration, or envy. We can dismiss the unwanted feelings because we would rather feel neutral than experience negative emotions. Frankly, it is common to not want to get uncomfortable and fully experience our […]