Speak Positively to Yourself

You need to speak positively to yourself in order to have a positive mindset, we can help you establish a positive perspective.

Who is the person you speak to more than anyone else in the world? It’s yourself! You spend all day every day with yourself. You may or may not speak the words you say to yourself out loud, but you are most definitely listening when you speak.

The way that you talk to yourself matters and it can often be without any conscious thought. Your unconscious mind is involved in your thoughts, beliefs, and the way that you approach the world. It can be a positive or a negative influence on you. 

Your self-talk influences how you feel about yourself. If you make a mistake at work and spend the next hour repeating everything you did wrong, you’re bound to continue feeling down. I’m guessing you wouldn’t talk to anyone else that same way for as long, so why do it to yourself?

The way that you approach the world is influenced by your self-talk as well. 

We are doing a renovation on part of our house right now. Because we’re doing a lot of the work on our own, there can be frustrating moments when things don’t go as planned. One day this week, I had a plan to spend a few hours working on the renovation. I couldn’t get motivated and I realized that I was thinking “I have to get to work.” When I noticed that this was my thought pattern, I began to think “I get to do a project that will make my home more special and I get to have an extra workout as a bonus.” 

How often do you say to yourself, “I have to…”? 

“I have to go to work tomorrow.”

“I have to spend the holiday with my family.”

“My house is dirty and I have to clean it.”

The Easy Way to Speak Positively to Yourself

The difference between “I have to” and “I get to” is huge! Our entire perspective and the way we show up at any given moment can change just by changing one word in a sentence. 

Now, consider “I get to” for the same tasks above:

“I get to go to work tomorrow.”

“I get to spend the holiday with my family.”

“My house is dirty and I get to clean it so that it feels good.”

The next time you find yourself feeling down, feeling unmotivated, or feeling annoyed, give yourself a chance to consider another perspective and ask, “what do I get to do?” When you speak positively to yourself, positivity will continue to be drawn to your life. Learning to love yourself allows more love to come your way.

How We Can Help

If you want additional support, we offer some different options:

  • We offer support groups, workshops, and wellness retreats in additional to mental health counseling and therapy. You can find more details at www.tribemindbody.com/events