4 Ways to Stop Social Media Stress

If you are constantly stressing out about what you read online, then we have 4 ways to stop social media stress that might help you.

Now more than ever, we must be aware of the information and messages we allow to enter and fill our minds. There is information everywhere we turn. Whether you are reading on a news outlet, scrolling through social media, or watching the news, you are inundated with messages and these messages have a powerful effect on how we think. Whatever you focus on has the power to make you love your life or make you spend your days worrying and feeling fearful.

What you focus on expands.

The world is full of uncertainty. If you are on social media or watching the news, it can leave you feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. The news is full of stories about all of the ills of the world and they are on repeat. Social media on the other hand provides you with an overwhelming level of information about other people’s lives, their beliefs, and their struggles.

A 2015 Pew Research Center Study found that social media induces more stress than it releases. When you are on social media, you are aware of the stress other people experience at a much higher level. By consuming social media multiple times each day, you are engaged in what other people put into your head, rather than choosing the content that you want to consume. The idea isn’t to be unaware, it is to be intentional about what you will consume and how frequently you will consume it.

Notice how you feel about consuming news or social media, then act accordingly to set your limits. You can set limits for yourself by logging out of the social media and news apps on your phone, disabling notifications, or even deleting the apps. Then, trade the negative or overwhelming content for things that feel more empowering- the things that you want to expand in your life.

4 Ways to Stop Social Media Stress

  1. Write down the things that you feel grateful for each day. When you focus on what is going well, you put out the energy that allows more good in your life.
  1. Listen to good podcasts that align with your values. You can learn a lot about what is happening in the world from people who have podcasts or are interviewed on podcasts. A couple of podcasts that I would recommend are: Achieve Your Goals Podcast with Hal Elrod or The Rachel Hollis Podcast.
  1. Read Books that lift up your spirit or learn.
  1. Spend time with people whose values are aligned with yours.

It is up to you what you allow in to attract your positive energy. When you decide on a different set of information, you will immediately feel the difference. By setting healthy boundaries, you won’t give attention to the negativity that can be found in other people’s posts and by limiting your time spent on social media, you will find yourself more focused on important things that need to get done in your life. Do not let social media stress take over your life and make it unmanageable.

You don’t have to do everything that is suggested. Pick just one that feels right for you. If you know someone who needs to read this, please pass it on!

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