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I’m deeply passionate about helping individuals, couples, and families thrive in their relationships. I want you to know that you are a necessary, important, and powerful person with unique strengths. Often, we underestimate our own potential and forget our worth, but I’m here to remind you that you deserve love and belonging, no matter what. Your journey towards self-discovery and healthier relationships begins with embracing your inherent value.

In our therapeutic space, you will always feel heard, seen, loved, and completely understood. This is a place where your thoughts, emotions, and experiences matter, where judgment has no room. Together, we will create an environment where your voice can flourish.

 In addition to being a licensed therapist, I am a Professionally Certified Relationship Coach and Brené Brown Certified Dare to Lead Facilitator. I am also equipped to help you understand yourself, your relationships, and the path of your life, through the Enneagram.

Why Kasey became a therapist

For a lot of my life I had been unable to see how the traumatic parts of my story were interfering with my life. Hurt people, hurt people. My therapist helped me to understand that this is not who I am and that it was how I was behaving- for the sake of my own survival. He validated my hurts and held space for me as I learned to feel my way through. I began to practice a whole new way of being. I stopped giving “all my fucks” away to external people and things. I practiced new ways of being. I noticed where I needed to build stronger boundaries. I learned “not allowing you to harm me, helps you to heal.” My therapist helped me to re-create myself and my life, from the inside out.

I consider myself a Spiritual ‘Hypsy’ Warrior Woman. I know for sure that we are all Divinely connected. It is the Law of One. I see humanity hurting and I hold the medicine we seek. I invite you to walk with me on the path toward authentic human connection. How free are you willing to be?!

Cost & Location

Kasey’s rate is $175 per individual session and $200 per couple session. If you want to utilize out-of-network benefits, Kasey will provide you with a Superbill to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. 

Kasey is not enrolled as a Medicaid provider. 

She works out of our  Lakewood office and virtually. 


Kasey has weekday availability.

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SoulStirred Stories of Growth & The Human Experience with Emily Garcia and Kasey Clark

SoulStirred Podcast

Kasey is also the Co-Host of a podcast
SoulStirred: Stories of Growth & The Human Experience.

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Embracing Your Worth:
Empowerment Through Women's Therapy

In today’s fast-paced world, women face myriad challenges and expectations that can often leave them feeling unworthy or inadequate. The struggle to balance multiple roles, societal pressures, and self-doubt can take a toll on their self-esteem. However, it’s essential to recognize that every woman possesses unique qualities that make her exceptional. Therapy can be a transformative journey towards breaking free from the shackles of self-doubt, empowering women to embrace their worth and confidently show up in their own distinctive way.

1. Confronting Negative Self-Perceptions:
Many women harbor negative self-perceptions, driven by societal standards and personal experiences. These beliefs can lead to a constant sense of inadequacy and prevent them from recognizing their true value. Through therapy, women can delve into the root causes of these beliefs, challenge them, and ultimately reframe their self-image.

2. Embracing Authenticity:
Each woman possesses a unique set of strengths, talents, and perspectives that contribute to the rich tapestry of human diversity. Therapy can help women identify their authentic selves and nurture the courage to embrace their individuality unapologetically. By doing so, they can liberate themselves from the burden of comparison and live in alignment with their true essence.

3. Building Resilience:
Therapy equips women with invaluable tools to build emotional resilience. It empowers them to navigate life’s challenges with grace, face setbacks with determination, and turn adversity into opportunities for growth. Strengthening their resilience helps them feel more confident in their ability to face any situation that comes their way.

4. Cultivating Self-Compassion:
Self-criticism and perfectionism can be harsh taskmasters, perpetuating feelings of unworthiness. Therapy encourages women to cultivate self-compassion, understanding that they are human beings deserving of love and kindness—just as they are. By treating themselves with the same compassion they extend to others, they can break free from the chains of self-doubt.

5. Overcoming Past Traumas:
For some women, past traumas can play a significant role in shaping feelings of unworthiness. Therapy provides a safe space to process these experiences, heal emotional wounds, and learn coping strategies to move forward. By addressing and overcoming past traumas, women can unlock their full potential and reclaim their sense of worth.

6. Empowering Assertiveness:
Many women struggle with asserting themselves confidently due to societal expectations or past experiences. Therapy can help them find their voice, set healthy boundaries, and communicate their needs effectively. Empowering assertiveness enables them to navigate both personal and professional relationships with greater confidence and authenticity.

Every Woman Deserves to Feel Worthy, Confident, and Empowered.

Every woman deserves to feel worthy, confident, and empowered to embrace her unique self. Therapy offers a transformative journey of self-discovery, allowing women to confront their feelings of unworthiness, shed self-limiting beliefs, and build resilience. By embracing their authenticity and cultivating self-compassion, women can show up in the world with unwavering confidence, making a profound impact on their lives and the lives of those around them. Remember, you are worthy, and your voice matters – embrace your journey towards empowerment through therapy today.

Our Approach

At Tribe, we take a holistic approach to growth, meaning we focus on the whole person:  mind, body, and soul.  If you are struggling with a relationship issue, professional challenge, or just feeling uneasy with the way things are, counseling can help.

You may be asking, “Would I benefit from therapy?”  If you want to grow in the following areas the answer is yes:

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is the capacity to understand emotions and emotional needs both in self and others. Developing self-awareness, self-discipline, and empathy are all a part of Emotional Intelligence (EI). Counseling can help you to increase your EI so you will be better able to connect with those around you.   

Relationship / Marriage

Relationship/Marriage.  Many women struggle finding ways to connect with their husband or significant other.  “No matter how hard I try I just can’t reach him,” is a common sentiment for women.  Also, women can struggle with vulnerability and knowing how to create safety.  We can support you in understanding yours and your partners attachment style and how to create a loving and supportive form of communication.


Shame.  Shame is a universal human problem that impacts men and women alike. Learning how to deal with shame through the power of vulnerability, self-acceptance, and receiving love and acceptance from others is how shame is combatted.  Our individual therapy and our group therapy are both excellent ways to persevere over shame.


Fear.  Fear can stop you from living a free and fulfilling life.  Fear often manifests itself in the form of anxiety or worry.  Learning how to isolate negative and fearful thoughts, while also practicing disciplines such as contemplative prayer, meditation, mindfulness, and mind-body techniques with your therapist, will help you to move from fear to freedom.  The fear that results from a traumatic experience can also be processed through therapy.  We offer EMDR which has helped thousands or people overcome the pain of trauma.

For people experiencing anxiety, depression, stress, life transitions, and more, our therapists/counselors also provide therapy to help you acclimate and become more comfortable in situations that cause you distress. 

As humans, we naturally wish not to suffer. We typically try to escape anxious feelings as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, we rarely succeed at truly getting rid of those awful feelings. Suppressing them, denying them or distracting ourselves with other activities might work for a moment, but these are temporary fixes at best. The anxiety inevitably returns, often with even greater intensity. We refer to this dynamic as the cycle of avoidance.

You cannot fix a problem by avoiding it; you must instead learn how to change your relationship to it. Symptoms from anxiety, depression, trauma, and stress can be lessened when properly addressed with the help of a therapist. Therapy helps break the cycle of avoidance by teaching you how to face the anxiety head-on.

During the course of therapy, you’ll learn skills to manage how you feel, including how to work with your nervous system. You will learn to recognize your triggers and identify your internal warning signs that the anxiety cycle has started. You will learn to disengage from negative thoughts and treat them as information, rather than absolute truths, so they have less influence over your behavior. You will also learn acceptance skills that allow you to feel the physical symptoms of anxiety as they occur in your body without trying to change them or run from them.

Mental Health

At Tribe Mind Body Wellness, we will help you to have:

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